Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Making homemade dog food in your kitchen is not difficult. The cooking process is very similar to cooking for self or family members. The ingredients are simple and sources for your dog food recipes have been tried and proven many times to insure good health and nutrition. The foods which your pet will need are easily available.

You have a choice of cooking foods for your dog at a different time from your family meals or do at the same time. Seasoning of the foods will be different. Unpleasant odors have never been a problem as I make homemade dog food in my kitchen. It should not be a problem for you either.

It is rather interesting that when you decide to cook for your pet there are many questions which will come into your mind. It is as though you have entered foreign territory and become unnerved as to what to do.

Here are some of the questions which may pop into your thinking:


  • Do you fry, boil, bake, broil, or serve raw meat?
  • Do you add salt, pepper, or other spices?
  • Does the food need special cutting, grinding, or other cutting preparations?
  • How do you store food?
  • What foods are good for dogs?


Fry, boil, bake, broil, or serve raw meat

Do not fry foods. Fried foods may cause indigestion. You may boil or steam as this will rid extra fat if fat is a problem for your pet. To bake or broil meats would be unnecessary.

Years ago I was able to ask for scraps at the meats counter in our local grocery store. This is no longer available in our community. If this meat source is available for you do take advantage of it, otherwise, purchase fresh or frozen meats from pet suppliers or from grocery stores.

Do you add salt, pepper or other spices? russian food store

No salt, no sugar, no pepper and be very careful about spices. Think of it this way. Visualize your pet living in its natural outdoor environment, would you see your pet gathering condiments to flavor his food?

Does the food need special cutting, grinding, or other cutting preparations?

Cutting up and grinding meat and vegetables would be a personal preference. My dog is small so I do admit to cutting larger portions of food stuffs into smaller bites making it easier for him to bite into his foods. Keep in mind dogs gulp their foods; they do not chew.

If you choose to be more fancy and have the time for recipes like meatballs, it would be okay to grind the meat.

How do you store food?

Prepared foods may be refrigerated or frozen and removed for feedings as needed. Some people will take time to make dried jerky or doggie treats. Depending on how it was prepared it can be stored in or out of refrigeration.

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